Recent dynamics in homeownership and housing wealth

Caroline Dewilde, Richard Ronald, Justin Kadi
ENHR online seminar of the working group Homeownership and Globalization

In the years following the Global Financial Crisis and up to the onset of the pandemic, the distribution of homeownership and housing wealth in advanced societies had become increasingly uneven. Property ownership and wealth accumulation processes have thus developed more clearly along socio-economic, generational and geographical lines than in the past, reshaping social, economic and political relations more broadly. To what extent the pandemic has intensified, mitigated or reversed these developments, and in what ways, is still unclear. Public debates suggest that COVID-19 has to some extent shifted housing preferences away from urban areas and reinforced the demand for second homes, but at a yet unknown scale. The aim of this workshop is to bring together research that explores recent dynamics in homeownership (including access, use, meanings, practices) and/or housing wealth and their societal consequences since the Global Financial Crisis, as well as research that specifically engages with the impact of Covid-19 on these dimensions.

We welcome presentations of work in progress, but encourage full paper presentations.


May 27th (time tba)
The workshop will take place online. A zoom link will be sent to the participants.

Workshop Organizers

Caroline Dewilde (Tilburg University)
Richard Ronald (University of Amsterdam)
Justin Kadi (TU Wien)

Submission of Abstracts

Please submit abstracts by email by 30th of March to Justin Kadi