Website Support

TU Wien uses TYPO3 as a content management system (CMS) for its website. We offer 1st level support.

Please contact the Website Support if you

  • have questions about TYPO3, 
  • have questions about the switch and migration to the central TYPO3 system,
  • need support working with TYPO3,
  • are interested in TYPO3 training courses or
  • have suggestions. 


If you need support, you can reach us by phone at +43 58801 41021, by e-mail at or you can post your question to the TU-TYPO3 Community in the TYPO3-TUchat channel, opens an external URL in a new window.

Further consulting possibilities

If you need further support, we can arrange a consultation appointment via Zoom. Simply call or send us an email.

Further information about TYPO3 support can be found on the internal Website Relaunch page. Please log in to access it.

TYPO3 Training Courses

The most important topics are taught in a three-level training system, whereby the training courses build on each other.

Due to current events, no attendance training courses can be offered. You can find information about the online training courses in the internal area. Please log in to access it.

Website Relaunch

schematic illustration of how the content of pages is displayed differently on different devices

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Extensive information on this extensive project.

TYPO3 Manual

iconographic image of an owl carrying an e-reader under its left wing

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The TYPO3 manual in coLAB supports editors at TU Wien in their day to day work.

Please note that the manual is currently only available in German.

TYPO3 Training Courses

TYPO3 Logo

For the usage of TYPO3 there is a comprehensive training course offer.