Corporate Design

The "TU Wien International" strategy concept has been in force since summer 2014. To further strengthen the TU Wien brand internationally, the following terms (affiliation) are used:

English: TU Wien, TUW
German: Technische Universität Wien, TU Wien, TUW

CD Manual

In our Corporate Design Manual at, opens an external URL in a new window you will find information on logos and sub logos, colours and fonts, image concept as well as various Word templates, templates for the email signature, a glossary and information about business cards.

FAQ Logo usage

TU Wien has a nationally registered trademark consisting of the figurative element (publisher's mark) and the text "Technische Universität Wien".

TU Wien Logo mit Beschreibung der Markenteile: Links ist das Signet, die eingetragene Bildmarke und rechts ist der Schriftzug, die eingetragene Wortmarke

The registered trademark can be found at 1.1.1 TU Logo, opens an external URL in a new window.

The publisher's marks can be found at 1.1.2 TU Signet, opens an external URL in a new window.

The sublogos consist of the blue/white/black publisher's mark and the addition of their organisational unit. The sublogo must be agreed with the PR and Marketing Service Unit. Examples can be found at 1.1.3 TU Sublogos, opens an external URL in a new window.

No, the text "Technische Universität Wien" is always used. Logos bearing English text are not permitted. The logo must be used with the text "Technische Universität Wien" in all languages.

No, edits or modifications are not permitted and must therefore be omitted.

No, only the logos, TU Signets and sub logos mentioned in this Manual are to be used. If you need a sublogo for the official use of an organizational unit of TU Wien, please contact

Yes, provided that it is used for official purposes (if the tasks are performed within the framework of the employment relationship with the TU Wien).

The use is free of charge.

However, only the logos listed under 1.1.1 TU Logo, opens an external URL in a new window may be used.

No, the logos of TU Wien may not be used. In exceptional cases, however, use may be granted by written permission from the Head of the Service Unit of PR and Marketing.

No, TU Wien logos may not be used.

Yes, as long as it is used for university activities, i.e. in connection with the educational and research-related intentions, such as presentations, work within the framework of a course.

The use is free of charge.

The use of TU Wien logos is not permitted for publications that can be assigned to the personal sphere (e.g. in particular own publications by publishers, independent consulting activities) or for private social media channels.

Cooperation partners are third parties who enter into a research cooperation or contract research with TU Wien.

The use of TU Wien logos is permitted, but only under the following conditions:

  • The use is limited to the duration of the cooperation.
  • A written agreement is required (e.g. as part of the cooperation agreement).
  • Approval is granted by the Service Unit of Research and Transfer Support.
  • The use is also limited to the cooperation/project in terms of content, e.g. for project reports, website, workshops, folders, image brochures, events and always with reference to the cooperation/project.

To do so, please contact

This requires prior review by the Service Unit of PR and Marketing. Please contact the head of the Service Unit of PR and Marketing.

This is a reference or addition relating to the cooperation, such as Partner of TU Wien, which is to be used when using the logos of TU Wien.

The reference is always to be used together with TU Wien logos and requires the written approval of the Head of the Service Unit of  PR and Marketing.

No, registered trademark rights are reserved exclusively for TU Wien. Violations of trademark rights are subject to sanctions under civil and criminal law. Should you wish to produce and/or sell merchandising items, please contact in advance.

No, commercial use is not permitted if there is no written usage agreement with TU Wien.

No, usage rights are reserved exclusively for TU Wien. Prohibited usage may result in civil and criminal proceedings.

No, private use is not permitted.

No, this is not allowed.

Please report violations of the TU Wien logo usage to

If you have any questions, please contact

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