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Commitment with an impact

Whether donations, sponsoring or pro bono services – the commitment of private individuals, companies and foundations plays a highly important role when it comes to jointly shaping science and competence for the future.

Your support options

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Specifically, you can support research, study and teaching, but also the maintenance and expansion of the research and building infrastructure (e.g., the TU Wien Science Center at the Arsenal).

Your help not only strengthens the international competitiveness of TU Wien. Fundraising also ensures the highest scientific standards in basic research as well as those for interdisciplinary cooperation. 

The TU Wien fundraising team brings people together who belong together in order to discover new perspectives and previously unasked research questions for upcoming topics and to enthusiastically and creatively tackle them as a team.

Excellence and innovation
Let's ask questions. Let's find solutions.

TU Wien has over 200 years of experience with cosmopolitan scientific culture and will continue to make valuable contributions to the world's top science and engineering in the future. The interaction of fundamental and application-oriented research, opens in new window allows the entire value chain to be mapped; from scientific and engineering research to innovation. This process "from theory to practice", from the basis to the application in the sense of an "innovation and entrepreneurship university", covers all essential areas, from the acquisition and implementation of research projects to the commercially meaningful, beneficial exploitation of research results.