Development of a wood-based, 3D-printable biocomposite material

The production process of classic wood-based materials produces large quantities of sawn by-products (such as sawdust and wood chips for example), which are currently not used in high-quality components. As part of this project, the possibilities of producing a 3D printable biocomposite material from this raw material are being explored. The necessary interdisciplinary research approach includes the complete process of fractionation of biomass, the chemical and mechanical material characterization as well as the screening of modeling and simulation concepts for biocomposites. The aim is to lay the foundations for the development of a sustainable and flexible material for constructive applications.

Our partner

As one of the leading companies in wood processing, the HS Timber Group, opens an external URL in a new window employs more than 2,700 people in 80 markets for customers from trade and industry. Founded in Austria and managed from Vienna, the company develops sophisticated solutions and high-tech products made from wood, the material of the future, at seven production sites worldwide.

At HS Timber Group, everything revolves around one thing: the CO2-binding raw material wood. It is procured from sustainably managed forests, processed into products with high regional added value, for example for the living space of the future, and researched in cooperation with scientists, e.g. at TU Wien. Handshake quality and a spirit of innovation have been success factors for centuries. Our wood builds the future.

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