Women's tracks

TU Wien Women's Award honours successful female graduates of TU Wien who have carried out projects and tasks in their professional lives that are of particular social, economic or scientific relevance. TU Wien thus honours female graduates whose professional biography serves as a role model for female pupils and students and inspires them for their own career planning. The Women's Prize was awarded for the first time in 2015. The prize is awarded annually.

TU Wien Women's Award is eventually sponsored by corporates.
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"She is currently responsible in her role as Head of Transformation Office for the forward-looking implementation of digitalisation potential, the New Way of Work and the sustainable development of employees and product portfolios. Prior to that, she was responsible for developing the topic of information and data management in the ÖBB Group. The computer scientist with a doctorate and a soft spot for computational linguistics is also convincing due to her ongoing commitment to getting women and girls interested in STEM subjects," says Gertrude Kappel, Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science, about the 2022 award winner.


Award winner Lara Spendier (left), Dean Gerti Kappel (right)

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With Barbara Oberhauser (OMV AG), the TU Wien honoured for the third time on 6 March 2017 a graduate whose professional biography inspires female pupils and students in their career planning and who is a tangible role model.

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