Thank you!

We would like to thank our partners, sponsors and supporters for their trust and commitment. Without them, the implementation of many projects would not have been possible.

Write success stories together with us!

With your support you have the opportunity to promote research, our young scientists and infrastructure.

Here you can find an excerpt of successful projects:

PALFINGER: Elevate Scholarship

A man and a woman holding an electronic case labelled Palfinger

© Palfinger

8 scholarships of EUR 2,250 each are awarded to TUW students as part of the "Elevate Scholarship" by PALFINGER. 

IMMOunited Future Pioneer Scholarschip

Laptop on whose keyboard data is virtually projected.

© Miha Creative |

6 scholarships of EUR 2,250 each will be awarded to TUW students as part of the IMMOunited Future Pioneer Scholarship.

The World's Fastest COVID Test

A sample is taken with a pipette for the microscope

The team around Prof. Peter Ertl is researching and developing a groundbreaking test method for screening infections such as SARS-CoV-2.


Infographic WoodComp

© Grafik: GroupM

This project will explore possibilities to create a 3D printable biocomposite material from wood.


[Translate to English:] Mann im Baustellenoutfit steht vor Roboterarm

© Gerd Altmann

Networked industrial production needs suitable system architectures that take both dimensions of safety and security into account.

University needs space

TU Wien Plus-energy office tower photographed from below, the TUW logo is visible on the building

To support the architectural and spatial expansion of the TU Wien, exciting options are available for interested parties.

2020: #GivingTuesday

A small green plant blossoms in a jar with soil and coins

As part of #GivingTuesday, the worldwide day of giving, around 80,000 euros were raised for digitalisation scholarships.