Fundraising refers to the strategically organized acquisition of financial donations.

With your support, you promote research, studies and teaching, but also the maintenance and expansion of the research and building infrastructure. You have the opportunity to support TU Wien both privately and as a company or foundation.

As a private person, you can make a monetary donation, organize a charity in favor of TU Wien on your own, or favor us in your will.

As a company, you can make a donation in cash or in kind, conclude a sponsoring agreement or enter into a research and innovation alliance with TU Wien.

As a foundation, you also have the opportunity to support our projects in the long term.

We would be happy to discuss the various possibilities with you and find the most suitable funding measure for you. Let's talk to each other!

Cooperations between TU Wien and its partners are based on ethically and professional relationships. Clearly defined, binding principles to strengthen the non-profit promotion of research, teaching and young scientists deepen the trust of our partners and society in TU Wien. We therefore follow our "Code of Conduct" in all fundraising activities.

You can find our bank details as well as info on donation confirmation on the "Donation account" page. We thank you for your donation!

TU Wien is authorized to issue donation confirmations.

For more information, please refer to the donation service, opens an external URL in a new window of the Federal Ministry of Finance.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation as a private person, we ask you to state your full name, according to the registration form, and your date of birth (DD.MM.YYYY) in the purpose of use. TU Wien will then take care of the registration with the tax office for you.

For data protection reasons, the data will be transmitted in encrypted form. Your donations will then be automatically taken into account in your tax file.

If you donate as a company, TU Wien can issue a donation receipt.

You can find more information on the page "Donation account".

Donations are defined as voluntary and unpaid contributions to TU Wien in general, a project or a faculty. The donor has no claim to a service in return. There is no exchange of services between the donor and TU Wien. The donor is rewarded with services based on a voluntary basis, such as the naming of the donor on the Website, in publications or current information and invitations to presentations of the voluntarily supported purpose.

Donations in kind are items/assets from the donor's monetary assets. For companies, a donation receipt can be issued without a value.

Sponsorship means the provision of financial means for the promotion of TU Wien in compliance with contractual regulations of the sponsor's performance and consideration of TU Wien.

A charity refers to the holding of a charitable event for the benefit of a specific cause or project. In the context of a charity, tickets are usually sold and additional donations are requested during the event.

There are several good reasons for this:

  • Support of education: Through your donation, you help to support education and research at TU Wien. You enable us to invest in education of students and to create excellent teaching and learning environments.
  • Supporting research and innovation: Your donation can help to support research and innovation at TU Wien. You enable us to invest in state-of-the-art technologies, laboratories and equipment to support innovative research projects.
  • Alumni commitment: As a TU Wien alumnus, your donation demonstrates your commitment to your alma mater and helps strengthen its tradition and network.

Your donations may be used for a variety of purposes at TU Wien, including:

  • Scholarships and financial aid for students: Your donations can be used to provide scholarships and financial aid to students to help them fund their education and provide access to education.
  • Improving teaching and learning environments: Your donations can be used to create modern teaching and learning environments or improve existing facilities, such as labs, libraries, or online learning platforms.
  • Research and Innovation: Donations can help support research and innovation at TU Wien investing in advanced technologies, laboratories, equipment, and research projects.
  • Infrastructure and equipment: Your donations can be used to improve the infrastructure and equipment of TU Wien, including buildings, technical equipment, IT systems and other facilities.

Yes, you can. Talk to us about your specific interests and how you can target your donation.