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Women in Tech & Leadership

The Women-in-Tech & Leadership Scholarships bring financial support for technical Executive MBA Programs & Masterclasses as well as our Executive MBA General Management. With our Female Business Power Discount female leaders can upgrade their Leadership skills with our Leadership Development Program at a greatly reduced rate.

Women in Tech

Strong female candidates for training in leadership & technology (executive MBA, master classes & compact programs) are to be promoted in order to increase the number of women in the associated management positions in the technical and management sectors.

Women-in-Tech Scholarship

The scholarship is valid for the next possible start date of the chosen program or master class.

  • Eligibility: first academic degree, min. 3 years of relevant work experience in a tech industry (Automotive, IT, electronic devices, consulting, logistics, chemistry, architecture, digital communication, etc.)
  • Application: The candidate must clearly point out why TU Wien should support her in the motivational letter and in the admission interview.
  • Deadline: March 8th 2023 (application must arrive until March 8 latest)
  • Amount: 30% of the total program fee
  • Award process: The academic director decides based on the quality of the application documents and the admission interview.

*only for programs of the School of Management (except Industrial Engineering)


Fast Foward >> Female Leaders Stipendium for our Executive MBA General Management

Especially for women, we offer an opportunity to start a postgraduate education in matters of management and leadership - with our Executive MBA General Management. The half scholarship is valid for the next program start in March 2023.

  • Requirements: first academic degree, at least 3 years of relevant professional experience
  • Amount of the scholarship: Half scholarship, i.e. the deductible is the regular participation fee for the Executive MBA program General Management reduced by 50% (corresponds to EUR 11,450 plus travel and accommodation expenses)
  • Deadline: The application must be complete with all documents (CV, references and certificates for academic degrees already obtained and high school diploma, copy of passport, letter of motivation including proof of the financial necessity of the scholarship) via e-mail to by March 8th, 2023 at the latest Click here for more details about the program.


Female Business Power >> High Impact Leadership Development Program

For the start of our compact program High-Impact Leadership Development at the end of March 2023, we are offering women who are already firmly established in their professional lives the opportunity to further develop their leadership skills. With a promotional discount of -17.1% on our regular participation price.

  • Requirements: first academic degree with professional experience. The target group are women with management experience or who are about to take on a management position. A short preliminary talk with the person responsible for the program as a prerequisite for participation.
  • Amount of the discount: The deductible is the regular participation fee for the compact program reduced by -17.1% (corresponds to EUR 4053.81 plus travel and accommodation expenses).
  • Deadline: complete application documents must be sent together with the registration form (CV, letter of motivation, references and certificates of academic degrees, copy of passport) by 08.03.2023 at the latest to