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We need ETIA Graduates for a sustainable future!

The TU and the DA’s 14th MSc ETIA Program Graduation Ceremony – Presentation of the ARA Best Study Award

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[Translate to English:] ARA 2022

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On June 30,2022 the graduation of the "Environmental Technology and International Affairs" (ETIA) MSc Program took place in the TUtheSky of TU Wien. 19 students participated in the Master program. As part of the graduation of the MSc ETIA, the "ARA Best Study Award" was presented.

In his welcome speech, Bob Martens, Dean of Academic Affairs for Continuing Education at TU Wien congratulated all graduates and praised the high number of distinctions (8) and female graduates. Ambassador Emil Brix, Director of the Diplomatische Akademie Wien emphasized the challenge of handling the distance teaching mode due to the pandemic and the idealism of this cohort – “be courageous, keep this spirit!”. ETIA Faculty Member Paul Wagner pointed out the “right decision students took to choose this program”, referring to the successful career paths of ETIA Alumni – “we need people like you for a sustainable future!”

As part of the graduation ceremony, accompanied by the TU Orchestra, the "ARA Best Study Award" was presented for the 13th time. ARA Altstoff Recycling Austria AG is Austria's leading collection and recycling system for packaging. Christoph Scharff, CEO of the ARA, congratulated Sophie Hilbert on her outstanding performance as the best graduate of this cohort, followed by Milica Vujacic and Olivier Heldwein.

On behalf of the alumni, Yasmine El Kurdi thanked the faculty for the broad experience offered and her colleagues for the great memories they created together… “champagne showers” included.

The Academy for Continuing Education of TU Wien and the Diplomatische Akademie Wien – Vienna School of International Studies are delighted to extend their congratulations to the award winners and all the alumni.


Participants of the 14th ETIA class (2020-22):

Aigner Theresa Marie (Austria)                             
Auer Angelika (Austria)
Eischer Petra (Austria)                               
El Kurdi Yasmine Celine (France)                               
Fink Clara Sabine (Austria)                        
Frick Valentin (Austria)                         
Gutschi Andrea (Austria)                             
Hansen Matthieu Louis (Luxembourg)                
Heldwein Olivier Karl Anton (Austria, Netherlands)
Hilbert Sophie (Austria)   
Hopkins Daniel (New Zealand, Finland)
Juranich Christopher (Austria)
Kaschowitz Sabrina (Austria)   
Kuderer Agnieszka Maria (Austria)   
Peckl Kerstin (Austria)   
Pieringer Maximilian (Austria)   
Vujacic Milica (Austria)   
Wawrzyniak Marta (Poland)
Zerlauth Iris (Austria)     


Postgraduate MSc Program “Environmental Technology and International Affairs”

Final degree: Master of Science (MSc) granted by TU Wien in cooperation with the Diplomatische Akademie Wien
Language of instruction: English
Duration: 4 semesters (full-time)
Tuition fee 2021-23: € 28,600.-
Next program start: 26. September 2022
Academic directors: Prof. Dr. Gerhard Loibl, LL.B (Diplomatische Akademie Wien) & ao.Univ.Prof. Dr. Hans Puxbaum (TU Wien)
Application deadline: passed - late application still possible, opens an external URL in a new window