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Book Virus Auto 4.0 by Hermann Knoflacher

Hermann Knoflacher, who has been working theoretically and practically on urban and transport planning for more than 50 years, presents Virus Auto 4.0, the updated new edition of his 2009 book Virus Auto.

Cover Book Virus Car

The book by the Austrian traffic expert Hermann Knoflacher analyses and describes the misguided development of our car society and impressively shows how car-oriented planning has led to the destruction of social, urban and rural structures. Despite the enormous environmental damage and high accident figures, motorway landscapes are growing year after year, the pollution caused by exhaust fumes and noise is increasing, so that the question arises as to why people do not change their behaviour.
Hermann Knoflacher gives practice-proven answers and shows ways out of the misery.

"Since the automobile began its triumphal march as a means of personal transport, it has changed our world. We have given our cities, villages and fields over to it, and today urban and landscape planning mostly also means transport planning. But this has fundamentally failed. It has given the car a status as a conqueror to which people have to submit. If the car were a plague, wouldn't its annual death toll - in accidents alone - cause panic? In addition, the car has caused the well-known damage to the environment and living spaces and the destruction of local structures and the social meeting places that streets and squares once served, which should not be underestimated.
once served.
Knoflacher's proposals for an environmentally friendly and humane transport policy have social, ethical and transport policy substance in equal measure."
Sacha Rufer (umweltnetz-schweiz)

with contributions by Helga Kromp-Kolb and Maria Vassilakou

approx. 250 pages, softcover
b/w illustrations
also available as eBook
ISBN 978-3-89581-602-4

to be published in October 2023