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Publication in Advanced Functional Materials

We developed one of the best absorbers for the glyphosate removal from water using hierarchically porous metal–organic frameworks

illustration showing adsorption capacity of newly developed MOF materials

© Shaghayegh Naghdi

The article by Dr. Shaghayegh Naghdi reports on a recent study involving the use of mixed-ligand metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) for the removal of glyphosate from contaminated water. In this work the researchers employed a strategy to selectively remove one ligand from the MOFs upon thermolysis, resulting in two distinct hierarchical pore architectures. The resulting hierarchically porous MOFs demonstrated a strong affinity for glyphosate due to the numerous Ti-OH groups resulting from the selective ligand removal, leading to effective glyphosate uptake. The introduction of additional mesopores increased the adsorption capacities by nearly 3 times, making these MOFs among the best-reported adsorbents.

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