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Useful information for Foreign Scientists at the Vienna University of Technology

The EU Research Support offers useful information to incoming scientists in order to facilitate their mobility experience in daily life.



The information covers various issues incoming scientists and their families have to get familiar with and pay attention to at the beginning of their stay in Vienna:

Specific answers to matters like entry and residence conditions, medical care, child care, school system and cultural offers in Vienna can be found on the homepage of the EU Research Support:, opens an external URL in a new window

The EU Research Support is a local EURAXESS contact point. "EURAXESS - Researchers in Motion" is an initiative of the European Commission which aims to support the mobility of researchers and assist in establishing Europe as an area of excellence in scientific research. The EURAXESS Services, one pillar of the initiative, are a network of more than two hundred centres located in 38 European countries and assist researchers and their families to plan and organise their stay in a foreign country. The Austrian network consists of two Services Centres and various local contact points. For more details: EURAXESS Austria (, opens an external URL in a new window


For feedback and further suggestions for the provided information please contact EU Research Support, Mag. Ann-Christin Kehrberg (