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University of Tokyo Online Summer Program

The University of Tokyo is calling for application for the fee-based online summer program, called UTokyo Global Unit Courses.

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Global Unit Course

Global Unit Course, The University of Tokyo

We are delighted to announce our online summer program,UTokyo Global Unit Courses (UTokyo GUC) for 2022. 

We believe these online and on-demand courses offer a great opportunity for your students to experience the University of Tokyo and Japan during this time of the pandemic. The course contents range from humanities to social and natural sciences (see below for the list of courses for 2022). They are taught entirely in English by cutting-edge scholars who are full-time faculty members of the university. In addition, we also offer Japanese language courses. Most of the courses can be completed in one week and the students will be granted Global Unit and a certificate will be issued upon completion of the course. In order to make the courses accessible, we are keeping the fees at minimum (50,000 yen per Unit). 

The 2022 courses are built on the great success we had in the summer of 2021. We were happy to welcome many wonderful students from our partner institutions and we hope to do the same this summer. We would greatly appreciate it if you could share this information with your students. Should you have any questions, please feel free to let us know. 

----------UTokyo Global Unit Courses----------------- 

  • Media in Japan and the World / Prof. Kaori Hayashi 
  • Law in Transnational East Asia / Prof. Kentaro Matsubara 
  • Writings About Japan: Analyzing Cultural Representations, From Orientalism to Artificial Intelligence. / Prof. Yujin Yaguchi 
  • Group Theory and Its Applications: Introduction to Beautiful Modern Mathematics / Prof. Yukari Ito 
  • Nanoscience / Prof. Satoshi Iwamoto 
  • Sustainable Urban Management / Associate Prof. Kiyo Kurisu 
  • Early Language Acquisition: How Human Infants Learn Language Within Their Social Environment. /Assistant Prof. Sho Tsuji 
  • AI and Social Justice / Prof. Yuko Itatsu 

Japanese Language Courses 

*Japanese Language Courses are open only to the students who register for at least one of the above courses. 

■Survival Japanese for Beginners 

■Tips on Reading Japanese Kanji for Kanji Background Students 

■Interview Project in Japanese “Let's get to know UTokyo students!” 

■Rediscovering the pleasure and challenges of studying the language and society of Japan 


Application will be accepted online between February 1, 0:00, and April 15, 16:00 (Japan Standard Time). 

The program fee is JPY 50,000 per Unit/ JPN 25,000 per 0.5 Unit. 

Application Website:, opens an external URL in a new window;

(Please note that this schedule is subject to change.) 

For further information, please check our website at, opens an external URL in a new window;

Your students are also welcome to contact us at if they have any questions.