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Switching to Google Noto Fonts

In the future, no more empty rectangles will appear in the generated PDF, as the font for PDF creation in TISS is being switched to Google Noto.

"Noto" stands for "no more tofu" – a term referring to the annoying empty rectangles that can occur in PDF documents due to missing characters. With the transition to Noto Fonts, it is ensured that all letters and characters are displayed correctly and legibly in the PDF documents. It now supports more than 1000 languages, which plays a significant role, especially in an international context.

In addition to linguistic diversity, special attention has been given to accessibility in the design of the Noto fonts. These fonts have been developed to ensure excellent readability and visibility.

Overall, the transition to Google Noto Fonts for PDF generation in TISS offers numerous advantages: it eliminates empty rectangles, provides comprehensive language support, and has been designed with accessibility in mind, improving readability for everyone. And another major plus: Google Noto Fonts is available as an open-source project.