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TURM: FTS & Appointment Process

TURM (TU Records Management) is a Records Management System. Last year, the first version was successfully handed over to our pilot users in the Research and Transfer Support department. The system is continuously optimized and has been enhanced with numerous filters. Now, it is also possible to digitally store documents related to the appointment process.

The development of TURM was driven by the increasing demand for digital file management. In a collaborative project with BOKU Vienna and FAW, the implementation of a Case Management System based on the Alfresco Digital Business Framework was realized. Originally, the project focused on the requirements of contract management. A decidedly generic approach was chosen for the implementation to enable not only contract management but also various requirements related to contract and file management.

As a result, TURM is a system that can be adapted to diverse use cases, such as the appointment process. The application allows for the direct filing of the appointment file in TURM. For this purpose, a special site with a corresponding metadata model is created.

What's the difference between Records Management and Document Management? 
In Document Management, each document is seen as an individual item and is assigned metadata. Folders can be used, but they are not necessarily required to structure and make documents findable.

In Records Management, the focus is on the record. A record is a digital file that contains associated documents. Each record has its own set of defined metadata. Additional documents can be associated with this record and can also be tagged with metadata.