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The digitalization-uni sets the pace with new strategy

TU Wien have appointed a Vice Rector for Digitalization and Infrastructure from 01/01/2019 to aid in implementing its digitalization strategy in research, teaching and administration.

The recently adopted digitalization strategy sets the framework conditions for a centrally coordinated, university-wide digital transformation process involving all members of TU Wien. As a technical university, TU Wien is best placed to even better define its role as an innovative driver of digital transformation within society. The strengths of TU Wien, such as academic excellence, internationality, interdisciplinarity, diversity and its presence in urban areas, will be optimally used and expanded in this transformation process.


The Rectorate is responsible for the further development of a sustainable and future-oriented digitalization strategy, setting strategic targets and creating framework conditions and incentive structures to promote greater openness towards the digital transformation process. It is supported by the Digitalization Advisory Committee – an interdisciplinary panel of experts at TU Wien. The Vice Rector for Digitalization and Infrastructure is responsible for the operational implementation of the digitalization strategy, ensuring that redundancies are avoided, efficiency is guaranteed and that all competences available at TU Wien are involved in the process. He is assisted by the .digital office, which coordinates processes and activities and supports digitalization projects. Experts will participate by working in focus groups, which – in coordination with the .digital office – will be entrusted with the operational planning and implementation of individual projects in the areas of research, teaching, administration and infrastructure..

Theory and practice

The aim of the strategy is to make targeted use of digital skills and abilities at all levels of the university through a strong commitment to digitalization, to develop these skills further and to encourage all members of TU Wien, especially students, to actively and innovatively shape everyday life, study and work in this digital society. In addition, TU Wien views the application of digital technology as a great opportunity to encourage the inclusion of all sections of society, such as the elderly and people with disabilities, and to promote equality between women and men. The digitalization strategy therefore extends to all areas of the university: research, teaching and services. This ensures that the university continues to develop as a whole in this transformation process.

  1. GET VISIBLE OR VANISH: Digitalization at TU Wien enables the expansion of interdisciplinary networking, international visibility and, as a result, increases the innovative capacity of research. Digital invisibility leads to failure.
  2. MY UNI IS WHERE MY NETWORK IS: The existing qualitative, research-led and internationally oriented teaching uses digitalization to enable more flexible access to courses, to better connect lecturers and students, and to impart and integrate the necessary digital competencies in everyday student life.
  3. PRACTISE WHAT YOU PREACH: The administration implements agile, digital processes; providing the necessary infrastructure allows the development and realisation of further projects.

To successfully implement the digitalization strategy, TU Wien draws on its outstanding technical expertise and the far-reaching skills of its employees. TU Wien will in this way further expand and consolidate its role as an innovative driver of digital transformation.

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