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Strong support in a twin pack

We were able to win not only one, but two Leitners for our team at TU Wien!

[Translate to English:] Patrick und Simon Leitner

We were able to win not only one, but two Leitners for our team at TU Wien! From now on, the twins Patrick Leitner and Simon Leitner will be supporting us in our research into high-performance concrete construction.

Simon studied civil engineering at the TU Vienna. During his studies, he gained experience with experimental investigations into alternative reinforcement concepts and construction methods, which he will now deepen in his work as a PhD student, particularly in the field of non-metallic reinforcements.

"I was already very interested in concrete as a building material when I was young, when I was allowed to get hands-on experience of concreting on construction sites. As civil engineers, we play a key role in shaping the future of our society. In the course of my Ph.D. studies, I hope to make a personal contribution to this."

Patrick Leitner also studied civil engineering at TU Wien. During his studies, he gained valuable experience in the field of structural reinforced concrete construction by working on various research projects. In his future research, he will focus on new construction technologies and investigate the possibilities and limitations of modular construction methods.

"Even as a child, I spent a lot of time on construction sites and often wondered why we build things the way we do. This curiosity led me to study civil engineering, where I was particularly fascinated by the experimental investigations carried out as part of my bachelor's and diploma theses, which sparked my interest in research. As a university assistant at TU Wien, I am faced with the exciting challenge and opportunity to get to the bottom of these questions, deepen my knowledge and explore innovative approaches in civil engineering."

We look forward to a good collaboration!