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Review of the canon of climate experiments

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© Robert Six

On October 2, 2023, the SRF SIAMESE team, together with the Center for Social Innovation, heralded the end of the research project with the canon of climate experiments. We had the pleasure of inviting representatives from politics and practice to reflect on their own competencies, discuss challenges and network. The SIAMESE team set the scene with an insight into innovation processes and the most important research results. At the Marketplace of Experiments, six initiatives added practical knowledge by presenting themselves and their work and making themselves available to answer questions. This was complemented by the presentation of guidelines for policy and practice based on the research results and the lively exchange between the actors.

However, the end of the research project also marks the beginning of the TRAIBHAUS - the Transformation Innovation Hub Austria.  The Traibhaus is a networking platform for all stakeholders who have experience or ideas in the field of socially innovative climate experiments.

If you want to know more, visit the SIAMESE, opens an external URL in a new window website for the event recap, opens an external URL in a new window or join the ​​​​​​​Traibhaus LinkedIn group, opens an external URL in a new window.