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Release 2017.04

This week, we took giant strides behind-the-scenes to replace TUWIS.

TISS teaching:

  • Troubleshooting in processing LVA participants
  • Troubleshooting in the Administrator view for LVA notices
  • Troubleshooting in the display of the examination block page
  • Troubleshooting in the issue and withdrawal of certificates

TISS organisation:

  • Bug fixes in the GUI for Listmail mailings
  • Bug fixes in processing business cards

TISS internal:

  • Preparations for the introduction of area-specific personal identifiers
  • Enhancement of the interfaces for the publication database
  • Adaptation of the SAP interface
  • Adaptation of the display of absences in the address book
  • Improvements in dealing with external officials
  • Bug fixes for the administration of extensions
  • Troubleshooting in the correction of duplicated people
  • Bug fixes in the library interface