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Graduation Ceremony of our Real Estate Management Program

On October 8, 2021, the graduates of our 22nd cohort of the Real Estates Management Program came together to celebrate their successful completion.

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During the ceremony, academic director Prof. Dr. Bob Martens, FRICS and faculty member DI Werner Auer (wohnfonds_wien) passed their congratulations and best wishes to the alumni. Although the members of this cohort had to face a few challenges due to the Covid lockdown, all lectures and exams could be realized in time and were able to finish the program according to plan.

Congratulation to all alumni and all the best for your professional career paths!

Christoph Appl | Class 2019-2021

Martina Bezak | Class 2019-2021

Marvin Brichard | Class 2019-2021

Luise Hardegg-Brammertz | Class 2019-2021

Leo Idinger | Class 2019-2021

Dagmar Koblinger | Class 2019-2021

Maximilian Köhler | Class 2019-2021

Theresa Löschenberger | Class 2019-2021

Nicole Oblinger | Class 2019-2021

Lorenz Pachucki | Class 2019-2021

Max Palka | Class 2019-2021

Katharina Parzer | Class 2019-2021

Timo Philippi | Class 2019-2021

Martin Pollack | Class 2019-2021

Walfried Prinz | Class 2019-2021

Alice Schiffinger | Class 2019-2021

Moritz Schlosser | Class 2019-2021

Antonia Schreiner | Class 2019-2021

Paul Senger | Class 2019-2021

Snezana Touchyn | Class 2019-2021

Nicolas Wertitsch | Class 2019-2021

Peter-Morris Mayer | Class 2017-2019

Maximilian Konrad | Class 2016-2018 

Benedikt Wild | Class 2016-2018


Key Facts

Final Degree: "Certified Real Estate Manager" granted by the TU Wien

CEPI Certification: The course is certified by the European Council of Real Estate Professions, opens an external URL in a new window.

Academic Director: Univ.Prof.Dr. Bob Martens, FRICS

Language of Instruction: German

Duration: 4 semesters, part-time program

Tuition Fee: EUR 15,900 (excluding travel expenses and cost of accomodation)