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Radio report on Ö1 - "Weg vom Gas"

Senior Scientist Robert Kalasek in an interview.

Auf dem Bild sind Sonnenkollektoren auf einem Dach zu sehen.

Heating without natural gas or district heating (which also includes natural gas) - how is that supposed to work across the board? Especially in old buildings and in urban areas, conversion to heat pumps or geothermal collectors is not possible - or unaffordable. Not everyone lives in a detached house where alternative heating and hot water systems can be installed. But does it really take a single-family house with a large plot of land to bury geothermal systems?

Research projects worked out solutions for urban areas several years ago. In cooperation with universities, companies and funding agencies, pilot projects are being developed that can be used in entire city districts on the one hand - and on the other hand, possibilities are being developed to install them in existing buildings. Heat pumps, solar collectors on the roof, thermal component activation and the like. It is the combination of different technical applications that should allow a great deal of scope for design and action.

Whether technical innovations will succeed in completely "phasing out" gas is questionable - especially in old buildings and in industry. But there are also research projects that have worked out, for example, how to produce hydrogen from surplus solar and wind energy. Perhaps sustainable solutions for our energy supply can be developed with the help of electricity after all? Source:

The radio report could be listened to until 8 March 2023: 


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