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Site visit to Austrian hightech companies

BMW Motorenwerk Steyr 2014

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ENGEL Austria St. Valentin 2014

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The participants of the 5th Professional MBA Automotive Industry Program visited on August 29, 2014 two Austrian hightech companies, BMW Motorenwerk Steyr and ENGEL Austria in St. Valentin.

BMW Motorenwerk Steyr established in 1979 is the largest engine plant within the BMW Group. Three-, four- and six-cylinder diesel engines, as well as three- and six-cylinder petrol power units are produced in Steyr for BMW and MINI cars. Around one million engines are produced every year here and sent to BMW car production plants all over the world. BMW Motorenwerk Steyr, with around 2900 employees have developed diesel engines of the BMW Group.

After a short introduction to the company, the participants had the opportunity to visit the production lines. During the tour participants saw the production of parts and the final assembly of engines. The production lines are highly automatized. To deliver the engines in the exact sequence of the production line of cars the plant has perfectly working logistics systems. The company has also made great efforts to take care of employees because only with satisfied staffs BMW Motorenwerk Steyr can produce premium quality engines.

The ENGEL founded in 1945 and 100% family owned is the largest manufacturer of injection moulding machines worldwide. The ENGEL Group has 8 production plants in Europe, North America and Asia (China, Korea). More than 50 % of customers are in the automotive and supply industries. Engel offers injection moulding machines for vehicle, such as car body, interior, lighting etc. With more than 4400 employees worldwide the company had a turnover around € 937 million  in 2013/14.

The St. Valentin Plant produces the large-scale machines with 3500kN to 55000kN clamping force. Apart from the production of machines, the company offers solutions and technologies to replace metal parts with plastic injection moulded parts. During the plant tour the participants could gain valuable insights into the plastic moulding technology.

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