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Post-Covid education shows that attendance cannot be replaced by digitalization

In the debate between online modules or face-to-face teaching, there is a clear preference among students at the TU Wien. The hybrid model was rated the worst among all participants.

[Translate to English:] Blick in einen gefüllten Hörsaal

As a technical university, we see that participants in our continuing education programs demand face-to-face courses.

Because we are able to create a highly trusting atmosphere with great psychological safety through the design of our learning architectures, a very deep exchange of knowledge and experience between participants and a broad reflection of the content is achieved.

This trust also promotes network building that extends far beyond the end of the programs.
With group-dynamic outdoor exercises, especially in leadership, we also provide our participants with a unique experience in different roles and situations that ensures deep feedback and thus lays the foundation for behavior change in leadership practice as well.
In the digital world, deep experience sharing, network engagement and learning from real-life situations fall by the wayside.

That is why we will continue to offer as much presence as possible in the future.