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ORCID Austria Website is online

The website of ORCID Austria gathers relevant information for the Austrian community.

ORCID Austria Website (Screenshot)

The ORCID iD has established itself as the standard for the identification of researchers. Universities, research centres, research funders and other non-profit organisations can support ORCID activities through a consortium membership.

In this context, less than a year ago ORCID Austria, opens an external URL in a new window was founded with eleven members. As part of the consortium's communication activities, the ORCID Austria website, opens an external URL in a new window (in German) was recently launched. This website gathers information about ORCID and the Austrian consortium relevant to the Austrian community.

Information on the ORCID Austria Website

The website presents data about ORCID in Austria: number of ORCID iDs, consortium members and implementations in information systems. It is divided into two main sections: Consortium and ORCID resources.

The section "Consortium" contains the structure and objectives of ORCID Austria as well as a collection of frequently asked questions (FAQs). These FAQs answer questions about joining the consortium, the technical implementation of ORCID and data protection. They are mainly addressed to organisations that want to implement ORCID. However, privacy issues are also useful for researchers.

For researchers, we also recommend the following “Der Mehrwert von ORCID für Wissenschaftler_innen, opens an external URL in a new window“ (in German).

The section "ORCID Resources" contains training and outreach materials as well as examples of information pages. There is also an regularly updated calendar with ORCID Austria events and workshops.

What’s next?

  • Blog. Regular posts will be published in the blog. They will cover topics such as new implementations of ORCID in Austrian organisations, events of ORCID Austria, experiences of Austrian researchers using ORCID iD, and other content of interest to the Austrian community.
  • Use cases. Use cases are a crucial starting point for the implementation of ORCID in organisations and scientific communities. Gradually use cases will be described according to the platform (repository, publication system, etc.) and knowledge domain. In particular, the focus will be on those areas in which the use of ORCID is not so widespread but could be very useful. This includes, among others, areas such as arts, humanities and citizen science.


Paloma Marín Arraiza

Information Manager für PIDs, TU Wien Bibliothek, opens an external URL in a new window