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LectureTube Upload

LectureTube Upload enables you to upload your videos, which you have recorded yourself with your preferred tool, to your LectureTube series.

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Don't limit your own creativity when it comes to creating videos. LectureTube Upload is integrated in TUWEL and enables you to upload videos you have recorded yourself in your LectureTube series and to make them accessible to your audience via TUWEL. This allows you to connect videos that were created with any recording software or that were recorded in a lecture hall not equipped with LectureTube (e.g. also the Zoom recordings of your lectures, Camtasia, etc.), directly via TUWEL to your LectureTube series.

LectureTube upload includes

  • Integration in TUWEL
  • Selection of a series of lectures
  • Upload the video to LectureTube

LectureTube Upload requires 

  • an existing course in TUWEL and TISS with activated LT-series
  • a recording no larger then 1.5 GB


As additional support, TU Wien employees have access to documents and screencasts that provide comprehensive information to help new users get started quickly and easily access the capabilities of the service.

You can find these documentations and guidelines in our TUWEL Tutorials course: TUWEL Tutorials, opens an external URL in a new window

Further documentation of our service can also be found at the following URL: LectureTube Upload

If you have any further questions regarding LectureTube Upload, please contact us via our ticket line: