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New paper in top scientific journal "Automation in Construction" published

Simon Fischer, Christian Schranz, Harald Urban, and Daniel Pfeiffer published an article about the automated checking of escape routes in an openBIM perimission process.

Title page of the paper

© Automation in Construction

Digital building permission is a highly discussed topic with recent developments around the world. The goal is to automate the process with the help of BIM models. A very challenging task in the automation of building code checking is the proof of escape routes. In the research project "BRISE-Vienna" we have taken up this challenge. We are pleased to announce the publication of our results in the journal "Automation in Construction": , opens an external URL in a new window

The key highlights of the publication are:

  • A semi-automated method that meets the legal requirements in Vienna,
  • a novel indoor navigation model that maps the characteristics of escape routes, and
  • checking the width of escape routes taking into account the number of people actually fleeing along the routes.