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New research project: Spatially-differentiated effects of automated driving

We are part of a new transnational research project on the topic of automated driving!

map illustrates the "drivability" of road sections for autonomous vehicles in the RZU region

© project consortium

The map shows the assessments of individual road sections in the RZU region according to their "drivability" for autonomous vehicles.

How does the transformation to automated driving work?

Automated driving has become more and more present in recent years. But what is the real situation regarding its implementation on the road network? What effects will automated driving have in the transitional phase, i.e. when automated vehicles are probably only in use on certain road sections?

Among other things, the new transnational project "Spatially-differentiated impacts of automated driving" is dedicated to these questions.

In cooperation with the planning organisation Region Zurich and Surroundings (RZU, opens an external URL in a new window), TU Wien's future.lab, opens an external URL in a new window  TU Wien and AustriaTech, opens an external URL in a new window, we will conduct analyses, derive findings for spatial and transport policy and support the achievement of existing objectives in the RZU area.

our interest is piqued? You can find out more about the topic on the RZU website, opens an external URL in a new window and we are also looking forward to updating you on our own website!