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NETQUEST – Simulation and Optimization of Access Networks

The area wide expansion of fibre optic access networks (last mile) requires enormous financial resources.

Günther Raidl

Günther Raidl

The according costs are determined by the underground work (cable laying) on one side and the necessary technical equipment installed on the laying routes on the other hand. Thus information about the relation between investment volume and corresponding return on investment represents a crucial competitive factor for new network- or network augmentation projects.
The project NETQUEST focuses on the development of decision supporting tools for network carriers which allow the simulation and optimization of cable laying routes and technical equipment installed on these routes. Scientists of the Vienna University of Technology (TU Vienna), Institute of Computer Graphics and Algorithms (Professor Günther Raidl) and the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (FH Technikum Kärnten) collaborate within a consortium of network carriers in order to develop according models. The working fields are:
-    Modelling of geoinformation data
-    Generation of network graphs
-    Combinatorial optimization on network graphs

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