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Climate Event October at the Academy of Fine Arts

As part of the Climate Event October, our colleague Nina Svanda discussed the trend reversal in spatial planning in the panel discussion "Mob.Mobility" on the Climate Action Day.

You can see Schillerplatz and the Academy of Fine Arts from above, and a few people are standing and sitting at the square to listen to the discussion.

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Schillerplatz on Climate Action Day

The audience of the climate action day from above.

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Three people sit outside on wooden stools and lead a discussion.

© - Lorenz Seidler

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Panel discussion Climate Action Day

Nina Svanda and Alexander Behr during the panel discussion

Several people are standing in front of a statue and a discussion group.

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Climate Action Day at Schillerplatz

Discussion round in front of the Schiller statue

You see several people squatting from behind, in the middle Nina Svanda is standing with a microphone in her hand and talking.

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Nina Svanda at the Climate Action Day

The Climate Action Day was part of "Climate Event October", a month in which the Academy of Fine Arts thinks about changes in university operations, resource conservation and greater ecological awareness.
In addition to exhibitions, film screenings, a solar kitchen and a bicycle workshop, various panel discussions were scheduled for the late afternoon. Because the aim was to create a public sphere and make use of public space, the speeches and the first panels were held outdoors on Schillerplatz. In the panel "Mob. Mobility", our colleague Nina Svanda called for a trend reversal in spatial planning against soil sealing and towards short working distances: "What we need is a spatial development turnaround!". Above all, she pointed out that the focus must change from the dominance of soil sealing to compact, green settlement structures with a quality mix of uses that promote climate-friendly lifestyles. This is the only way to reduce people's need for mobility.

Other panellists, such as political scientist Alexander Behr (University of Vienna), called the phenomenon of SUVs "a particularly drastic manifestation of the imperial way of life". "Civil disobedience and peaceful sabotage" must become part of the fight against the climate catastrophe, "because we don't have much time left".  Other guests included representatives of the Artists and Museums for Future movement.

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