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Interview with Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Logar - Executive Course "Digital Transformation Manager_in

Bernd Logar is CIO (Chief Information Officer or Head of IT) at the TU Wien and lecturer in the module "Digitalization Lab" in our Executive Course "Digital Transformation Manager".

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Interview mit Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Logar - Executive Course "Digital Transformation Manager_in"

In this short video interview he tells us why education in the field of digitalization is especially important right now and what the participants can learn in his module.

Lead the digital change!

In November 2020 we kick off our German-language Executive Course "Digital Transformation Manager" for the third time. Thanks to many years of cooperation between the TU Wien and the Austrian business community, we know that many companies are not yet sufficiently prepared for digitization and therefore, we have developed a compact continuing education format that is specially tailored to the needs of managers.

- Compact knowledge transfer from all areas of digitalization

- eight blocked modules (weekend)

- Direct applicability of the content

- Individual processing of real case studies

- Cross-hierarchy development and implementation of digital innovations

Contents from the Executive Course, which were specially developed by experts from TU Wien and procon Unternehmensberatung GmbH, opens an external URL:

- Business Model Innovation

- Datatechnologies

- Security

- Industry 4.0 / IoT

- and many more.

Learn more about the course in our next Online Info-Session, opens an external URL on 15.10!