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Immo Spotlight: Mag. Felix Zekely, MSc MRICS

Portrait Felix Zekely

Mr. Zekely has graduated in our Master's Program Real Estate Investment & Valuation. After years of experience he established OPTIN Immobilien GmbH with two partners.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of real estate education at the TU Wien, he answered the questions of our interview team.

Degree in
MSc Real Estate Investment & Valuation

Year of graduation

Current professional position
Partner at OPTIN Immobilien GmbH

Optin Immobilien GmbH

What is OPTIN Immobilien GmbH and what are you doing in the company?
After more than 15 years in large corporations and management positions, we - the three partners David Breitwieser, Alexander Fenzl and Felix Zekely - wanted to return to direct customer care and the management of purchase and rental transactions. We are senior professionals and think that we can deliver high added value by providing direct support to our clients at partner level. OPTIN stands for exceptional results through expertise and consistency to achieve an OPTimum by insisting on consistent implementation.

How can you apply the knowledge acquired at the Vienna University of Technology in your current position?
Without the holistic view given and given to me, I could never work at the current level. Without the evaluation background, it would not be possible to evaluate projects at the level we are doing today. Without the network I took with me, it would be incomparably more difficult to acquire clients.

What memories do you have when you think back to your studies at the TU Wien? How was or is the connection with your fellow students?
Only good memories. Luckily you forget that it was tiring at times. My classmates became friends in a professional way. I am also active in the management of the ALUMNI Club IMMOABS and have contact with many active and former students.

In your opinion, what makes the success of real estate courses at the TU Wien?
The interdisciplinary program, the lecturers and the aspiration to have senior professionals in the course. And access to IMMOABS plus the RICS accreditation.

How reputable is a degree in real estate at the TU Wien for employers today?
It enjoys a very high reputation and they find graduates in all major companies in Vienna.

What advice do you have for students who want to start real estate studies at the TU Wien?
You have to ask yourself if it's the right time and if you’re ready for it. I think you should already have 5 years of experience in the real estate area. You get more out of it and contribute  more if you have more experience.

How did the graduation of the master program Real Estate Management & Valuation contribute to the realization of your career goals? What were your steps to self-employment / company founding?
After 15 years with CBRE and SIGNA I founded the OPTIN GmbH with 2 partners. I would not be where I am right now if I hadn’t completed my masters degree.
It was only during my studies at the TU Wien that I developed a truly holistic approach to all aspects of real estate management and thus became a truly mature professional.

Which word would describe your real estate studies at the Vienna University of Technology best?

The CEC-Team would like to thank Mr. Zekely for the interview and wishes him success on his career path!

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