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Nurturing Innovation with Pitch Event: Reinforcing Entrepreneurship in MBA at TU Wien (copy 1)

We recently had the pleasure of hosting a dynamic pitch event, an integral component of our Innovation, Digitalization, and  Entrepreneurship Executive MBA program. This event exemplifies our institutional commitment to nurturing creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship within our diverse student base. Among the participating judges were renowned industry experts Georg Kopetz, Marianne Heiß, Dr. Stefan Piëch, and Prof. Sabine Köszegi. They brought abundant experience and insights to the event, strengthening its overall impact and learning outcomes for our students.

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At the TU Wien Academy, we believe in fostering an educational environment that nurtures innovation, critical thinking, and curiosity. We lead with this approach across all our programs, including our Executive MBA. In the recently held pitch event, out of an overwhelming 1,100 ideas submitted from students spanning 13 nations, the unique pitches relating to the future of food systems, a fresh take on healthcare, and an AI-powered hearing and speech design made it to the finals.

The judges offered invaluable advice and feedback, highlighting the importance of aligning startup ideas with existing megatrends, crafting a unique selling proposition, devising a sustainable product chain, and comprehending AI complexities amidst the upcoming 2024 regulations. They also deliberated on the critical aspect of building a credible brand alongside a financially realistic and ambitious business strategy.

In further discussions, the panel encouraged students to understand their target audience and market potential clearly. They emphasized the need for a conservative business plan, understanding distribution channels, and filling competence gaps in founder teams.

Our intent with events like these is to create a fertile learning ground where our students grow through interactions with industry experts and each other, working collaboratively towards a future nestled in sustainable innovation.

Reflecting on the pitch event, we feel immense pride in our Executive MBA students and their focus on creating societal value through their innovative, future-oriented startup ideas. We're eagerly looking forward to supporting them on their entrepreneurial journey as they go on to shape the future – one bright idea at a time.