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ICBBM 2023: How building can be sustainable

ICBBM is one of the world's largest conferences in the field of bio-based building materials, and the 2023 conference will be hosted by TU Wien.

The 5th International Conference on Bio-Based Building Materials (ICBBM 2023) will bring together international scientists to present and discuss the latest scientific findings, advances and developments in the field of bio-based building materials and their application in sustainable construction. With a focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility, the conference offers valuable insights into the future of bio-based and environmentally friendly building materials as well as an important networking opportunity for scientists.

The ICBBM 2023 conference will feature a wide range of keynote and invited talks, as well as 210 presentations highlighting the latest developments in bio-based building materials. In addition, selected 83 peer-reviewed papers, opens an external URL in a new window were published in Springer Nature Conference Proceedings.

Sustainable Building Practice - Forward-looking Research.

ICBBM 2023 emphasizes the importance of bio-based materials and their critical role in supporting sustainable construction in reducing the carbon footprint of the building industry. The conference serves as a platform to advance highly innovative solutions that are consistent with the principles of circular economy and green building.

Renowned international experts share their insights on topics such as physical and mechanical properties of bio-based building materials and structures; their design, performance, and long-term properties; application potential in building structures with challenges; and the sustainability, life cycle assessment, modeling, and recycling aspects of bio-based building materials.

International networking

250 participants from over 40 countries document the relevance of the topic. From June 21-23, ICBBM 2023 will provide a platform for the international experts to exchange ideas in person. The conference is hosted by TU Wien, Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Prof. Ildiko Merta (Research Department of Building Physics, TUW) acts as Co-Chair of the conference, alongside Prof. Sofiane Amziane (Université Clermont Auvergne/CNRS/Clermont-Ferrand, France) as Chair. As the local organizing team, Ildiko Merta, Thomas Bednar, Jasmin Berger-Heda, Sabine Sint and Daniella Mehanni will take care of the smooth running of the conference. The local scientific advisory board consists of Ildiko Merta, Thomas Bednar, Andrea Rieger-Jandl from TU Wien, and Benjamin Kromoser from BOKU.

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