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Hans Kramar and Stephanie Happ at the 6th Start-up Economics Conference Vienna

Poster von der Veranstaltung "6th Foundational Economy Conference Vienna".

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Hans Kramar and Stephanie Happ will present interim results from the VESPA project at the 6th Foundational Economy Conference, opens a file in a new window in Vienna on 14.09.2023. Under the title "Vulnerability Check for Austrian cities: How to measure local vulnerability", the two will give a first insight into the development of a comprehensive set of indicators to assess the local vulnerability of Austrian cities. This assessment system will not only map local vulnerability to the expected impacts of climate change (warming temperatures, extreme weather events, natural disasters), but also to other economic, social and environmental challenges and threats (e.g. economic crises, demographic change, loss of biodiversity), thus providing an evidence-based basis for targeted countermeasures by municipalities.