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GFZmin ≥ 0.5 - Lecture in the ÖGR dialogue series by Thomas Heinzle

Thomas Heinzle an Arthu Kanonier

© Barbara Steinbrunner

On 7th November, DI Thomas Heinzle presented his diploma thesis as part of the ÖGR dialogue series. Thomas Heinzle completed his thesis in 2023 under the supervision of Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Arthur Kanonier., opens an external URL in a new window

This thesis, opens an external URL in a new window examines how a moderate but clear structural densification can be achieved in areas that result in a significant reduction in soil consumption. The focus here is on mandatory minimum building densities as by far the most important measure for achieving this goal. The centrepiece of the work is a model developed by the author for mandatory minimum building densities that can be implemented in all of Austria's federal states. This model stipulates that all municipalities should be obliged by law to set legally binding minimum building densities - i.e. lower limits for the permissible building density - for all properties that are designated for residential use. This is intended to make detached single-family homes in their conventional - particularly land-intensive - form a thing of the past.
We would like to congratulate Thomas Heinzle on his successful work and thank him for his fascinating presentation!