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Combined presentation of the publications "Whose Space?" and "Zukunftsdialog Über Seen".

The two publications were produced as part of the courses "Über Seen" elective module and bachelor's seminar (SS2021), "Zukunftsdialog Über Seen" (WS2021) and "Feministische Raumaneignung" (SS2022).

[Translate to English:] Ein Raum mit vielen Menschen in dem die Publikationen präsentiert werden.

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[Translate to English:] Präsentation der Publikationen

[Translate to English:] Präsentation der Publikationen im Forschungsbereich

On Thursday, 6 October 2022, a successful presentation of the two publications took place in our research area Raum Region. Together with the students and teachers of the respective courses, there were insights into how the publications were created and a wine tasting on the topic of women and lakes. In addition to anecdotes about conversations with mayors, there were also stories about the day of action on which the space was appropriated in a feminist way.

Here is a short summary of the publications - if you want to know more about the publications, please click on the respective link.


Public space is permeated by power, relations of domination and norms. The publication shows examples of feminist appropriation of space and looked for creative possibilities of reorganisation. The focus was on the possibilities of self-determined production of a feminist, socially just space. Here you can download the publication., opens in new window In addition, a website, opens an external URL in a new window was created as part of the course, where, for example, videos of the actions can be viewed.


"No trespassing", "private land" or "bathing only allowed for hotel guests" - the disappointment about the increasing privatisation of lakes in Austria was one of the starting points for the course "About Lakes" and the subsequent dialogue on the future. The results have been incorporated into the publication. Here you can download the publication. , opens in new window