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Brand new graduates for the automotive industry and the renewable energy sector

Group Picture, Graduation Ceremony 2018

On November 29, 2018 the students of the Master Programs “Professional MBA Automotive Industry” and “MSc Renewable Energy Systems” celebrated the successful completion of their master’s programs together with friends and family. The 20 graduates come from 10 different countries. This shows the international reputation of the master’s programs of the Continuing Center.

The ceremony was opened by the Dean of Academic Affairs for Continuing Education Prof. Dr. Bob Martens FRICS. He warmly welcomed the audience and gave a brief overview of the historical development of the TU Wien and the Continuing Education Center.

Štefan Stanko, doc. Ing., PhDVice-rector for Education, of the Slovak Technical University in Bratislava talked about the cooperation between two universities and the successful developments of the MBA “Automotive Industry” and emphasized that all graduates are trained to deal with current and future challenges in the automotive sector.

Also, DI Karin Mottl, MSc, Managing Director of the Energiepark Bruck/Leitha, congratulated the graduates and encouraged them to go out into the world and use their knowledge to tackle the future challenges in the global energy supply.

The festive speaker Florian Maringer (Managing Director Austrian Renewable Energy Association) motivated the graduates to apply their gained knowledge in their companies, organisations and institutions. “Be part of the change in the world!” he appealed to them and to overcome established paradigms to foster evolution and innovation.

In the main part of the ceremony, the academic degrees and certificates of study completion were awarded for the respective postgraduate programs. 


The Continuing Education Center of the TU Wien & the STU Bratislava proudly present the graduates of the Professional MBA Automotive Industry:

Fabian Ehrich (Germany)

Samuel Eicken (Germany)

Martina Frieser (Austria)

Christian Glaser (Austria)

Lukas Jesacher (Austria)

Kornel Komlosi (Slovakia)

Johannes Lenz (Germany)

Miroslav Polacek (Slovakia)

Horst van Nieuwenhuyse (Austria)


The Continuing Education Center of the TU Wien & the Energiepark Bruck an der Leitha proudly present the graduates of the MSc Renewable Energy Systems:

Markus Amatschek (Austria)

Yurii Dehtiarov (Austria)

Cami Marie Dodge-Lamm (USA)

Stefan Jorthan (Austria)

Kaan Karabagli (Turkey)

Alaeldin Mohamed (Sudan)

Vojna Ngjeqari (Albania)

Elizabeth Rodriguez Bringas (Mexico) 

De Marsh Scott (Jamaica)

Michael Lassager (Austria)

Siegbert Zöhrer (Austria)


The awarding of the diploma degrees was followed by valedictorian speeches of the different Master programs.

The valedictorian for the Professional MBA Automotive Industry, was held by Florian Ehrich. He congratulated his colleagues and gave the guests a review about the last 2 years.

As valedictorian for the MSc Renewable Energy Systems, Elizabeth Rodriguez Bringas held an inspiring speech and highlighted the qualities that helped her and her colleagues to make it through the two stressful years of the MSc Program: curiosity, passion, perseverance and self-confidence.

After the official ceremony, the alumni, the guests of honor as well as the family and friends had a chance to raise their glasses to the successful completion of the program.

We congratulate the alumni and wish them all the best!