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Franziska Sielker and Johannes Suitner at the RSA Annual Conference

From 13 to 17 June, the annual conference of the Regional Studies Association took place at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences in Ljubljana.

Zu sehen ist der Fluss Ljubljanica in der Stadt Ljubljana.

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Franziska Sielker hält eine PowerPoint-Präsentation bei der Jahreskonferenz der RSA

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The four-day conference, opens an external URL in a new window was hybrid and brought together academics and policy makers to share news, views and research in the fields of regional studies, regional and economic development, policy and planning. Participants from 54 different countries attended the conference.

Franziska Sielker and Johannes Suitner represented SRF with presentations of their current research. Franziska presented empirical results from her research on Belt and Road Initiative projects in Eastern Europe, and in particular the stakeholder constellations (see here for more information, opens an external URL in a new window).

Johannes Suitner together with Camilla Chlebna from Kiel University presented a conceptual paper on motivations for transition engagements in regional development. Both presentations led to inspiring conversations with fellow researchers. Overall, the RSA conference provided a vivid ground for discussion on the contemporary challenges. Noteworthy is that RSA is a particularly friendly community, proved by a Powerpoint Karaoke invoking much laughter.