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Station4All research project successfully completed

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In the cooperative research project Station4All, the project team TU-Wien (Research Unit of Track-bound Transportation Systems and Research Unit of Transport planning and Traffic engineering), the behavioral researcher Dr. Elisabeth Oberzaucher and her team, SPAR Österreichische Warenhandels-AG, ÖBB Holding and the municipality Neumarkt am Wallersee under the leadership of netwiss OG investigated to what extent smaller train stations and stops can be better integrated into the daily life of commuting persons and the local population. Using the market town of Neumarkt am Wallersee as a concrete example, measures were derived that not only enhance the attractiveness of the station and its surroundings, but also strengthen sustainable mobility chains using the railroad through expanded services. Numerous services are now to be built up and implemented step by step after project completion. The Station4All project was funded by the bmk under the FEMtech funding program., opens an external URL in a new window