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FOB Sociology on the Radio: dérive programme "Gut gealtert. Ein Ausstellungsbesuch im Gemeindebau Siemensstraße"

Julia Edthofer in conversation with Nora Batelka from wohnpartner and dérive radio editor Sandra Voser

[Translate to English:] Luftbild in schwarz weiß der Siedlung Siemensstraße

In an interview with Sandra Voser from Radio dérive, Julia Edthofer reports on her current research project on Vienna's municipal housing as social infrastructure. Since September 2022, she has been working at the Sociology Research Unit on gender-specific perspectives on life and work in the large housing estate "Siemensstraße" in Vienna Floridsdorf. Planned by the architect Franz Schuster in the early 1950s as part of the Viennese rapid construction programme and built within a short period of time, the spheres of life "living" and "working" are still closely interwoven in the settlement today due to its connection to local industrial companies. The research project focuses on gender-specific perspectives on the relationship between care work and gainful employment in this industrial housing context. The central question of the research is what contribution social housing can make to reconciling care work and gainful employment.

The whole programme can be heard on Radio FRO, opens an external URL in a new window.