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Expert Talk Aspiring Leaders – Why the first 100 days as a leader are particularly important

On May 9, 2023, the Expert Talk "Aspiring Leaders -Why the first 100 days as a leader are particularly important" at the TU Festsaal explored the explosive question of what aspiring leaders should definitely pay attention to in the first phase.

LSR Expert Talk Mai 2023

On May 9, 2023, the Expert Talk "Aspiring Leaders - Why the first 100 days as a manager are particularly important" at the TU Festsaal explored the explosive question of what prospective managers should absolutely pay attention to in the first phase.

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang G. Güttel and Dr. Astrid Kleinhanns-Rollé, experts in the field of human resources and corporate management, discussed the value chains of leadership concept with Dr. Eileen Langegger, Senior Engineer at DMT GmbH & Co KG and student of the Executive MBA Strategic Management & Technology, based on personal experience reports from professional practice.

Since the first 100 days as a (new) manager in particular are associated with many new developments - establishing one's own understanding of one's role, dealing with a still unfamiliar team structure or, if necessary, organizational and structural innovations - managers face an additional complexity with their new task, which in turn can itself bring with it a number of challenges.

But what is the best step to take right at the beginning? Our experts agree: Establish the right mindset!

Using the three "E "s, the value chains of leadership, the leadership concept of Prof. Güttel and Dr. Kleinhanns-Rollé defines the dimensions of the team, the company itself, as well as the individual level as anchor points. The three value chains Execution, Engagement, Enhancement now bring the different relevant perspectives in these dimensions to light in a comprehensible way:

Enhancement: Where do I stand with my team as a new leader?

Both the individual level has to be considered ("my own understanding of my role, my goals and motivation"), as well as the goals, roles and processes in the team - for example, are there ideas for change? The setting in the company itself - from meeting structures to resources & frameworks - is also essential when it comes to improvement and further development.

Execution: Which goals and topics do I address as Team Lead?

By prioritizing (personal goals & company goals), assigning to the team (delegation, explanation) and tracking (reports, meeting agendas) the execution is strategically well planned based on the own team lead.

Engagement: How do I strengthen motivation and social cohesion?

Clearly: Communication is Key! Define the different personality types through open communication in the team, identify motivation points and strengthen work connections. A clear team cohesion and the feeling that employees are consciously supported in contributing something are important.

Through the connection of the three "E "s, the new situtation & role can be used as a positive opportunity to see the respective strengths for oneself as a leader and for one's own team as a possibility to successfully move forward together... according to Hermann Hesse "And there is magic in every beginning [...]".

We would like to thank our experts and participants for the exciting exchange of ideas during the Expert Talk, which turned into an inspiring evening thanks to many different personal experiences. See you next time!

More on the topic of leadership?

Within the framework of our compact program "Aspiring Leaders - my frst 100 days in a leadership role", aspiring leaders who want to start their first 100 days of leadership in the best possible way can acquire know-how and expertise.

Participants receive an individual roadmap, which is created in a trusting exchange among each other through theory & practical exercises (with indoor & outdoor character) igemeinsam and so prepared for the challenges of leadership (Leading yourself - Leading your Team - Leading the Organization & Change). >> Next date: June 1-3, 2023. Further details & registration can be found here.


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(c) Prof. Dr. Wolfgang G. Güttel, Dr. Astrid Kleinhanns-Rollé

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