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EUROMECH Colloquim 637 - A Multidisciplinary discussion on binder cohesion

May 15 – 17 2024, Vienna, Austria

EUROMECH Teilnehmer

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We organized, in collaboration with Katerina Ioannidou (CNRS/U. Montpellier, France), and Roland Pellenq (CNRS/U. Montpellier, France) a colloquium on binder cohesion. We were happy to gather experts from various backgrounds (physico-chemistry, soft matter, material science, civil engineering, mechanics, etc), which lead to a rich and fruitful discussion during the 2.5-day colloquium. It started with 3 keynotes talks “Civil engineering in the age of conflicting constraints” by Van Damme H. (ESPCI Paris), “Roadmap for sustainable concrete in Austria” by  Spaun S. (VÖZ), and “Resources on the building site, the Genius Loci” by Romm T. M. (forschen planen bauen ZT). We mixed academic talks with poster presentations by PhD students, a visit of the Josephinum museum and a round table with industry.

We thank the two funding bodies, the European Mechanics Society (EUROMECH) and the research network network Urban Science and Engineering for -quantitative- Resilience and Sustainability (USERS – CNRS), as well as our sponsors, Anton Paar, Schleibinger Geräte, Vereinigung der Österreichischen Zementindustrie (VÖZ) and Wienerberger.

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