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ETIA Talks in new design – Report on an excursion to „Saubermacher“

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Bright and early last week Wednesday the 27th of November the student society „ETIA Talks“ went on a visit to one of the Viennese sites of the sustainable waste disposal company „Saubermacher“. One of the site’s managers gave the ten students from the TU and the DA a private 2.5 hour tour explaining in detail how „Saubermacher“ sort, recycle and handle all kinds of waste from municipal to hazardous waste. The tour was personal and interactive, the guides Björn and Alex took the time to answer all questions students had, teaching the group about the grand variety of things to consider when handling waste for recycling and the safety issues that come with it. It was not only an educational experience, but also great fun and we appreciate the warm welcome we got from „Saubermacher“ who process 3.5 million tons of waste in 7 countries annually. ETIA talks is looking forward to hosting many more excursions in the academic year of 2019/20.