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Experience report : MBA Mobility Transformation

The MBA Mobility Transformation program started for the first time in May 2021. Almost two years after the start of the program, Ms. Jana Gavril reported on her experience in the MBA program.

„Siegesbier“ unsere Gruppe vor der atemberaubenden Kulisse des Schneebergs.

Although I never intended to complete an MBA program as a graduate in business administration, however the advertisement for the "Mobility Transformation" MBA appealed to me.  Since I am privately and professionally interested in mobility and logistics, and we are in the middle of mobility/energy transition, after a convincing info session I signed up.

Like a little child after a Corona year I was looking forward to three times three days in the hotel, where we dealt with the topics Leadership & Organizational Behavior with the help of various exercises and reflective discussions. The examination of the questions; "who am I, why am I here, what are my expectations" or "how do I spend my time, what are my priorities and values, how can I motivate myself and my environment" created a trusting atmosphere, where everyone honestly told their life story and listened carefully with interest to the other. For me personally, these encounters and new friendships are the highlight of the whole program. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who is part of the journey together.

The winter semester has started in the lecture hall of the TU at Getreidemarkt. Corona office ban - university compulsory attendance - this is true science - being able to perceive, understand and interpret contradictions. Full of pride I received my new "student card". The TU logo and Austrian eagle in a credit card fomat are also included - with my last university ID card you had to glue something inside. The matriculation number greeted me warmly like good old friend. How often was I asked for this number during my studies - with the memory of this time came immediately the liberating exhilaration of a student life. The absolute highlight of this module was certainly the business simulation, where we could truely demonstrate our entrepreneurial spirit and it was also full of fun. Many thanks to all lecturers, to all my colleagues and the whole ACE TU Wien team that we were allowed to attend almost all events personally despite the tense Corona situation.

In the third semester, technical topics matching the MBA content were presented by experts in their field. The combination of university professors with a scientific approach and active employees from Austria's flagship companies, who deal with these topics on a daily basis, was a very successful one. The absolute highlight for me personally were the excursions and guided tours in the companies and the professional experiences and reports of the MBA participants, which always ensured a lively and content-rich discussion. 

So my conclusion is; whoever relies on continuous education and actively approaches new social and technological challenges, faces future developments and transformations with confidence and thus has a more advantageous initial position to steer his own life in the desired direction and to shape the future. To sum it up with some quotes:

"Wer nicht mit der Zeit geht, geht mit der Zeit". 
Friedrich Schiller

"There is only one thing in the long run more expensive than education: no education." 
John F. Kennedy

And what institution can better combine technology with business, theory with practice, human and machine, and present these topics more objectively and professionally than TU Wien?

Executive MBA Mobility Transformation, opens in new window starts on October 19, 2023.