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Invitation to the final presentation project 2 Small Region Thaya-Taffa-Wild

Invitation for the final presentation Wednesday 25.01.2023 at 17:00, at the Gasthof "Zum weißen Rössel" in Weitersfeld.

Gruppenfoto im Schloss Drosendorf

© Arnold Faller

Gruppenfoto im Schloss Drosendorf


Wed, 25.01.2023 at 17:00

Place: Gasthof "Zum weißen Rössel", Weitersfeld 112, 2084 Weitersfeld.

This semester, the students took an intensive look at the Thaya-Taffa-Wild region. At the beginning, there was an analysis phase, comprised of a four-day workshop in the region. In the course of the semester, visions and guiding principles for the region were developed, for which first impressions were already given at the interim presentation. In this presentation, one can expect additional goals, specific measures and lead projects that the students have developed for the region.

At the end of the student project, there is a draft of a spatial development concept from each group for the Kleinregion Thaya-Taffa-Wild. After the presentation, final touches will be made by the students and the finished drafts will be available on the following website around mid-March:, opens an external URL in a new window​​​​​​​, opens an external URL in a new window

At this point, a big thank goes out to all those who supported the students in their research and ideas through conversations, suggestions and documents!