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Design meets Ecotechnology

Not only eco-friendly, but also beautiful: Tomorrow’s electrical mobility will require suitable charging stations. At the Vienna University of Technology (VUT), the design and functionality of charging stations for small electric vehicles has been investigated. New design ideas in this field are presented at the Vienna Design Week.

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1 of 2 images or videos


Driving through the city on an electric bike and going window shopping while the battery is being recharged: this could soon become a part of our daily life. Architects at the Vienna University of Technology have been working on design concepts for charging stations at home, at university, or in the public space. The results of this project are presented at the Vienna Design Week’10.

In a university course on product design, twelve students developed their ideas. They were advised by Professor Christian Kern and his team (Department of Three-Dimensional Design) and by members of the Department of Spatial and Sustainable Design. During the course, a variety of design concepts were developed, some of which expanded the original scope of the project – for instance a charging station for electronic devices to be set up on a university campus. The project blurs the borders between architecture and product design as well as the borders between art and technology.

The Vienna University of Technology cordially invites you to come and get to know the design ideas developed by students:

Public lecture and cocktail reception: Tuesday, October 5, 2010. 7pm.
Wiedner Hauptstraße 3, 1040 Vienna

Guest speakers:

  • Marc Ischep (KISKA)
  • Prof. Christian Kühn (Dean for Academic Affairs of the Faculty of Architecture, Vienna University of Technology)

The exhibition will be open until October 10 (daily 10am to 6pm).