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Conference: 3rd Research workshop of the USERS - CNRS International Research Network on Urban Physics and Urban Materials

June 4th – June 8th , 2023 – Cairo (Egypt) 3rd Research workshop network on Urban Physics and Urban Materials Organized under the auspices of CNRS and AUC.

Sum up of presentations - Cairo

Three of us attended the 3rd workshop for USERS in Cairo with the following talks:

Teresa Liberto: as a keynote speaker: 'A fresh approach on low CO2 binders'

Meriton Ramizi: 'Concept development  for the design of a permeable paving stone'

Benedetta Costa: 'How to consolidate masonry through an injection process: evaluation of a new sustainable binder'


We would like to thank the wonderful people who organised this third conference in Cairo, and joined us during the whole trip: Dr. Mostafa Youssef (AUC), Dr. Prof. Roland Pellenq (CNRS), and all the students from AUC. We would also like to say thank you to the American University in Cairo, which hosted the entire workshop.