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TU Wien Academy’s Strategic Competence and Talent Management Course also available in English now

Successful management as a key factor for companies

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In an era of rapid change and complex challenges, effective Strategic Competence and Talent Management has emerged as a crucial component in successful individuals and organizations' toolkit. The TU Wien Academy for Continuing Education has anticipated this need and crafted an advanced and impactful short course aptly called Strategic Competence and Talent Management. More exciting news is that starting in the summer semester of 2024, this course will be available in English for the first time, expanding its reach to international participants.

Essential skill for modern business

Why is strategic competence and talent management important for professionals and companies? Vanessa Racz, the Senior Program Manager at TU Wien Academy, encapsulates this well: “Strategic Competence and Talent Management is something that can no longer be ignored. Encouraging and motivating employees and young talents is a key factor in ensuring that knowledge can build up on an individual scale and stay within the company long-term. Retaining knowledgeable individuals is essential for any business success!"

The course is designed to give participants a comprehensive understanding of strategies and practical skills for talent management. They learn how to encourage and retain talent—the lifeblood of any thriving business. Not only does this course offer valuable expertise for individual career enhancement, but it also caters to corporate needs, boosting organizations' overall growth and stability.

International aesthetic, global focus

With the program now accessible in English, it welcomes international players, future-oriented companies, and individuals from around the world who aim to deepen their academic and practical knowledge in a global setting. Collaborating with esteemed partners like Transformation Management AG, opens an external URL in a new window and EIT Manufacturing, opens an external URL in a new window ensures that the course brings international relevance and modern approaches.

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Vanessa Racz
Senior Program Manager
Management & Leadership

+43 1 588 01 41708