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Coronavirus – Update: Information for Students

TU Wien works continuously on solutions for the benefit of its students and lecturers. The Federal Government has also made legal changes for the 2020 summer semester as part of the "Corona-3 Package", which should prevent negative effects

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The TU Wien continues to find itself in an unprecedented situation: The entire teaching had to be converted to Distance Learning at short notice. Until the end of the summer semester 2020, this will be continued for all courses for which this is possible. The Covid 19 crisis poses a number of challenges for students and teachers. We are continuously working on solutions in the interest of TUW students and lecturers. The Federal Government has also made legal changes for the 2020 summer semester as part of the "Corona 3 package", which should prevent negative effects.

The neutral semester

Since it may not be possible to complete the full range of academic achievements - through no fault of the students - this semester is "out of the running" for the duration of support in the study support system. This applies to study grants, mobility scholarships and graduation scholarships. Recipients of study assistance should not suffer any disadvantage.

The neutral semester means:

  • Payment: Of course the grant will be paid out in the summer semester 2020 as well. Proof of examination for the last winter semester, which has to be provided in the current semester, will be reduced because the re-enrolment period was only available for examinations to a limited extent.
  • Duration of entitlement: For all students who were still within the entitlement period in winter semester 2019/20 or summer semester 2020, the entitlement period is extended by one semester. They will receive a further semester's allowance if they need it.
  • Study success: For the summer semester 2020, no proof of study success is required as an exception. The proof of academic success to be presented in the winter semester 2020/21 or in the summer semester 2021 is reduced accordingly.
  • Eligibility deadlines: Any other deadlines, e.g. for admission to the subsequent Master's programme, for compliance with the age limit or for completion of studies in the final scholarship, will also be extended by six months in winter semester 2020/21.
  • Application deadlines: These do not change.
  • Implementation: Details are still to be regulated by corresponding laws and regulations. As soon as this is issued, the new regulations will be announced on the homepage of the Study Grant Authority.

Note on the Study Grant Authority:

There will be delays due to the reduction in staff due to security reasons. The authority is not taking any calls at the moment. Inquiries are currently only possible via contact form, opens an external URL in a new window and will be processed as soon as possible.


Even if these measures make it easier to obtain proof of performance, the TU Wien is developing a distance learning examination offer for suitable courses, in addition to the existing possibilities of diploma examinations and rigorous examinations via video conference.
Examinations and courses for which on-site attendance is absolutely necessary will be held again as soon as the security measures of the Federal Government allow this. With the measure to extend distance learning to the end of the semester, we are creating the framework conditions (room resources etc.) for this. Currently we are working on the timetable view in TISS. After Easter there will again be a descriptive version available, which will also include online dates.
As soon as there are finished concepts for online exams or it is foreseeable when and how attendance exams will be possible again, you will be informed immediately.

Script purchase, library access

Until further notice, access to TUW buildings is only possible for nominated key persons and absolutely necessary system maintenance work. This means that the library will also remain closed until further notice and that there will be no script sales on site.

Tuition fees

Students who are currently subject to tuition fees are recommended to wait until April 17th before paying the tuition fee. Currently, many aspects of tuition fees, deadlines and examination possibilities have not yet been clarified. As soon as a re-evaluation of the situation is possible, you will receive the corresponding information

Further information

We continue to work on good solutions for our students and teachers. You can find updates and current information at, opens an external URL in a new window
For questions you can still contact